Negotiation Assistance



Negotiation Assistance can kick in at any time, as soon as one party realizes the problem is getting out of hand and wants to deal with it in a professional way. Well ahead of growing dispute and litigation and arbitration, but potentially also in the middle of arbitration to explore alternative avenues, including a potential mediation.


Negotiator is only committed by one party and Negotiator can be just assisting / supporting / advising the party (back office), or can be negotiating in the front line on behalf of the party, Goal to first list what the issues are, what the nature of the would-be conflict is, what steps could be taken to resolve them


Bring in a seasoned and professional negotiator who will instill methodology, experience and thinking out of the box.

Avoid escalation of tensions from differences into dispute or conflict.

Understand better the other party’s important needs through advanced technics


step 1 – one party commits the negotiator on Negotiation Assistance Terms

step 2 – analyse situation and context - define issues and roadmap

step 3 – mapping of stakeholders

step 4 – define strategy and manning of negotiation team

step 5 – actual field negotiation