HOW Mediation can transform a deadlock into settlement



Mediation is a solution for people facing a difficult commercial relationship where dialogue doesn’t work anymore.

Trust has been damaged and a dispute has emerged.


Whenever there is a deadlock, the dispute is not progressing anymore

and legal or arbitral proceedings are about to start or have started


Create a safe space where confidentiality and neutrality of the mediator enable freer communication and out-of-the-box thinking .


· step 1 – one entity entangled in a commercial dispute reaches out to the mediator

step 2-bring the other party to agree to a mediation process.

Both parties commit the mediator on Mediation Terms


· step 3 - organise both parties to have a Mediation Day


· step 4 - find common ground to move forward


· step 5 - sign and execute the settlement agreement

and put an end to the dispute

if you think mediation could be right for you