Nicolas Fournier

Nicolas is a senior professional who supports people in dispute resolution, conflict management, mediation, negotiation, assisted stakeholder discussion and mentoring, making available thirty years of people and business management experience in international and multi-cultural contexts.

He recently concluded the first part of his career as MD/CEO of large corporate companies to pursue his passion for mediation.

In the UK, Nicolas is a CEDR accredited mediator, a CMC registered mediator, a member of CEDR conciliation panel and a member of Clerksroom mediation panel.

In France, Nicolas has the ESCP Europe / CMAP certification as a ‘médiateur’ and is a member of the Association Nationale des Médiateurs (ANM).

Nicolas has the dual French and British citizenship. He also speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish.


If you would like to explore more of Nicolas past career, please head over to his Linkedin Profile